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Legal translation

Legal translation requires knowledge of the legal system applicable. Our team knows the legal terminology and has an extensive understanding of the civil law legal system. To avoid any ambiguity, the translator must understand the meaning of the text and the intent of the author. Otherwise, an incorrect translation could lead to interpretation, potential litigation, long delays and important costs for the client.

Our expertise enables our clients to benefit from the services of translators with an extensive knowledge of the legal and business sectors. Thus, the translated documents are not limited to a simple literal translation, but rather reflect the true intention of the author while taking into consideration the geographical, legal and business-specific aspects of your document.

Commercial translation

The translation of your business and financial documents is a direct reflection of your company image. While respecting the terminology specific to your company, Services linguistiques VESS inc. ensures that your documents reflect accurately the message you want to communicate to your customers, your employees and your partners.

At all times, our translators consider the geographic, legal and business-specific aspects of the translation, including the customary business practices in your industry or your market. Our translation services will enable your company to work through language barriers that may limit its expansion

Translation from English to French

  • Contracts

  • Legal opinions

  • Legal proceedings

  • Letters (termination of employment, formal demands, etc.)

  • General communications

  • Transcripts

  • Corporate Policies

  • Financial Statements

  • Press Releases

  • General Communications

  • Business Plans

  • Market Researches

  • Contracts

Services linguistiques VESS inc.

legal and commercial translation from English to French

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