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Services linguistiques VESS inc. provides English to French translation services tailored to the needs of each client in the legal and commercial fields.

Véronique St-Jacques, owner of Services linguistiques VESS inc., is a member of the Quebec Bar and holds a graduate degree in translation. As a translator, Ms St-Jacques has worked in the legal, banking, finance and trade sectors. 

About us


Véronique St-Jacques

We understand that the content of certain documents can be confidential and contain sensitive information. We assure you that all your documents will be treated with the utmost consideration required in this regard.

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality, security and accuracy of the information you provide in accordance with the applicable laws and to respecting the highest security and ethical standards.

Every member of our team is required to protect the confidentiality of your information by signing a strict confidentiality agreement. We also use technology solutions that are among the most reliable and safe.


Please contact us if your business has specific needs regarding confidentiality.

Services linguistiques VESS inc.

legal and commercial translation from English to French

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